Toorak Uniting Church

Toorak Uniting Church

Terence Oh Photographer

12 February 2017

Author: Terence Oh

Toorak Uniting Church has seen many couples exchange their vows in their sanctuary.  Perhaps this is due to the beautiful stained glass windows, timber cathedral ceilings that extend several stories high, or its central location to all inner city wedding reception venues. From our point of view as wedding photographers, we always enjoy working at Toorak Uniting Church because of the layout and lighting.

Wedding Photographer's ideal church!

The church has a wide central aisle for the bride and bridesmaids to approach the stage. But it also has a smaller aisle on either side allowing for easy access anywhere within the church without us photographers obstructing your guests' views.  Best of all, we can discretely position ourselves beside and behind the pulpit, allowing us to capture great shots of the bride and groom with the guests cheering in the background! 

Toorak Uniting Church can easily seat 400 guests and they have air conditioning to make your summer wedding most comfortable.  Have a look at the photo below which we took at a ceremony during a 41 degree day! Everybody's nice and cool :)

There are also adjoining facilities you can hire if you wish to to offer your guests some refreshments after the ceremony. Parking is limited, so your guests will have to park on the side streets and walk in. At $1250 for their wedding package, it may seem a bit steep to some, but it includes a minister and a church officer. If you use your own minister, you can save a few dollars.

If you're getting married close to Easter or Christmas, it's worth checking with the church whether they will be displaying any festive banners on your wedding day as these decorations can affect the feel of your ceremony.

Toorak Uniting Church Wedding Photography

Simply put, Toorak Uniting Church is a beautiful church. It's grand and spacious enough to accommodate large weddings, yet warm and sufficiently cozy for a more intimate ceremony. As wedding photographers, whenever we hear our bride and groom are getting married at Toorak Uniting Church, we know we're going to achieve great shots.

We'll help you with your wedding photography and videography, and because we've photographed and filmed weddings at Toorak Uniting Church, we're familiar with the best angles and we know exactly where to be at each point of your ceremony to uniquely capture each moment of your special day. You'll receive gorgeous images presented in a custom designed photobook and all your photos on a USB.  We hope to partner with you on your wedding day!